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General discussion about the ABDL universe

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We advise you to check the e-mail address of your account as this is the main reason for blocking the account of some members. You must also accept cookies othe[...]
4 months ago
Is there anybody on the forum that can translate French to English? This YouTube video is all in French & [...]
2 hours ago
Does anyone have access to; I'd be willing to pay to use it for a week.
3 days ago
Hi there everyone! I'm from Italy and I signed in ABkingdom nearly 5 years ago but until now I haven't really thought of beginning topics with the english co[...]
4 days ago
I would like to meet some DL or AB girl in london!! Please write me!
9 days ago
Have you guys seen this? It seems ABUniverse is going to release a brand new diaper. The design looks awesome and the girl who had the privilege to try it befor[...]
14 days ago
13 days ago
Over the last 20 months I went from thinking I was an Adult Baby to not. In that period I experienced soooooo much different kinky stuff, then last Sunday I wen[...]
14 days ago[...]
16 days ago
Would like to know if there is any special site, meeting place etc. for irish diaper lovers?
28 days ago
anynone needing an abdl for model work, commercial for diapers, windel etc. or abdl page? contact me.
One month ago
Well, for starters, I am damn near positive I was fascinated by wearing and using diapers even before I was potty trained and out of them. I have vivid memories[...]

2 months ago
one month ago
Just been to Edinburgh and revisited the Museum of Childhood there. As well as the toys, games, dolls you would expect, they have a babycare section. In this ([...]
One month ago
Hi all i have a question I am and adult baby and i want training my self for reach urinary incontinence is possible? Anyone know a good method for reach inco[...]
11 months ago
2 months ago
i just visit dprtube they say that they are closing what yah take
2 months ago
So i've been in the AB community for quite a while and been on quite a few ABDL websites (some better than others) and i've come across ABDL Match. So i thought[...]
2 years ago
2 months ago
For the past week or so when trying to access ABKingdom's site, both my PC and Tablet throw up the above Warning. Does anyone else see this and is there a risk [...]
2 months ago
2 months ago
Just wondering if there are any Canadians in the forums or as members who are interested in starting a dialogue about ABDL in Canada.
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10 months ago
2 months ago
Hello everyone, The server crashed last night when saving (full copy) due to lack of space. If necessary, Arcadia will explain better than me, using the righ[...]
3 months ago
2 months ago
any plans , any play with mommy or daddy
3 months ago
At the Magic Dragon's Lair in NJ, USA An extreme diaper fetish event is being held from Friday evening, June 26 through Sunday, June 28. Link to the event in[...]
3 months ago
3 months ago
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